With endless amenities you can enjoy green space, easy parking, a scooter program and a gym.

25 KENT Building App

Your keys to the castle — and beyond. Our custom app ensures days so seamless you won’t know what life looked like before. Shop for those jeans you’ve been eyeing, order your favorite sandwich deskside, schedule a TRX burn, lock in an after-work facial, or simply use it for cardless building access.

Take a walk and breathe easy with green space at your doorstep


Turns out humans need air. We’ve got nearly 12,000 square feet of outdoor space with river and skyline views to inspire your next big breakthrough. It’s an alfresco paradise with all the sky and seating your heart desires. Step outside to meet, think, relax, and — you know — breathe.


Manhattan views and ample seating are just the beginning. The floor terraces of our massive outdoor space boast things like an open-air conference room, flexible work areas, and an epic area for events. It’s all yours, day or night.


An oasis smack in the center of 25 Kent. The Green Space is our de facto mini campus, complete with outdoor seating, informal meeting spaces, and exclusive retail spaces. It’s a location for power lunches, errands, and even yoga.

Bushwick Inlet Park

Enjoy a riverfront reprieve at nearby Bushwick Inlet Park. This 1.8-acre neighborhood gem has you covered when it comes to grassy lawns, picnic tables, and seasonal programming.

We've built a dedicated underground garage specifically for your wheels


Alternate street parking? No, thanks. We’ve got 275 on-site car spaces and 150 spots for bikes. Your ride of choice will be safe, sound, and waiting for you when the day is through. And if you’ve gone electric, we’ve got Tesla and universal charging centers to juice up at.


Two wheels. One app. Brooklyn’s best neighborhood at your fingertips. Trade in that subway swipe for a ride on one of our house scooters, a perk exclusive to members. Just a few taps on our 25 Kent app and you’ll be free to run errands, jam to meetings, or escape when no one’s looking.

Need to clear your mind? Hit the gym and get ready in our luxe locker rooms


Our state-of-the-art fitness center has everything you’d expect from a gym — it’s also got some things you wouldn’t, like Peloton bikes, meditation pods, and a bouldering wall. This is your place to ramp up and wind down before or after work. And, of course, there are showers for when you’re done.